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From T.H.E. online

The Microsoft Corp. along with AMD and a host of other companies committed to computer security have launched the Web Watchers program, an Internet security and safety program directed at children grades three through eight. The program will provide teachers with age- and curriculum-appropriate lessons that will help students understand the opportunities and risks of the Internet, including avoiding installation of malicious software and how to protect their online identity. Participating schools will also be eligible to win $1,000 or $5,000 for the purchase of new computer hardware and software. Beginning February 9, schools were able to sign-up at the Web Watchers site, which provides students and their families with information on how to secure their computers and allows them to vote for their school to receive technology funding. Voting for that funding is open until March 31. For info, visit


2005 Educational Road Map to the Web!
Order your copy of the new 2005 Educational Road Map to the Web! This year’s Road Map is loaded with more than 200 educationally appropriate Web links from netTrekker (, the search engine for schools, who also co-sponsored this one-of-a-kind classroom poster. Copies of the Road Map can be ordered online at
In 2001 the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act was passed to ensure a solid and complete education of all children while holding teachers and schools accountable if they failed. This site was launched following a survey of parents conducted in February 2004 by the Civil Society Institute, which revealed parents unease with NCLB and its implementation. In September 2004, the Web site began compiling stories and essays pertinent to the ongoing struggle of schools, parents and students as they try to cope with the constraints and failures of NCLB. Articles on the Web site are sorted by state, as well as by issues such as federal intrusion in education policy, narrowing of curriculum, teacher flexibility and class size, funding burden, unintended negative consequences of NCLB, adequate yearly progress reporting and, of course, standardized testing.


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From eschool news

NASA unveils climate-science research tool for classrooms
Students and teachers now can explore the fundamentals of climate science and dive deep into the mysteries of our planet's ever-changing environment using the same scientific technology employed by top-level scientists from one of NASA's leading environmental laboratories. The Educational Global Climate Model is a three-dimensional climate mapping and tracking device....

Enhancing Your Curriculum
with Web-Enabled Resources

To help you use the internet to improve instruction, we at eSchool News have compiled a one-stop source for expert advice and key intelligence. This popular online toolkit features an extensive collection of stories and articles from the eSchool News archives that help you effectively integrate the web into your curriculum.

Assessment and Achievement
Few issues are hotter than assessment—thanks to the No Child Left Behind Act and similar measures—but few are more misunderstood. The editors of eSchool News have assembled a variety of news and information as well as outside resources to help put assessment in clearer perspective and tie it more closely to its primary purpose—namely, better test scores through improved instruction.

Wireless Solutions for Education
Today's wireless technologies open many doors for learning. No longer tied down to available ethernet ports, students can work at anytime or anywhere on school grounds. The editors of eSchool News have assembled a collection of news, information, and resources that will help you connect to the brave, new world of wireless.

By Tim Wilson on February 26, 2005 in Emerging Technologies, in School Communications. Discuss it below

File enclosures have been a part of RSS since version 2.0, but have only recently come to everyone's attention with the emergence of podcasting. Most people now associate RSS attachments with MP3 files, but there's no reason to restrict the attachments to audio files. For example, Fraser Speirs recently coined the term "appcasting" to refer to the practice of using RSS enclosures to deliver software updates or release notes for applications.

My favorite RSS aggregator, NetNewsWire, already supports enclosures of any type and automatically downloads them. I've been planning to include the free "Lite" version of NetNewsWire on the student laptops in our 1-to-1 project next year, and now I'm thinking that RSS enclosures would make it really easy for teachers to distribute files to their students. A teacher could post lecture notes, multimedia content, or any other kind of electronic document and let each student's RSS reader take care of the rest. Similarly, school principals could use RSS to distribute newsletters or other materials to parents who are subscribed to a school's news feed. RSS: it's not just for text anymore.

From EduHound

Women in History

Some sites to help in this effort:

National Women's History Project: 25th Year!
March is Women's History Month. The 2005 theme, "Women Change America," honors and recognizes the role of American women in transforming culture, history and politics as leaders, writers, scientists, educators, politicians, artists, historians, and informed citizens. This site recognizes and celebrates the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing information and educational materials and programs.

The Best Second Grade
@ Walnut Grove Elementary School
Suwanee, Georgia


List of speeches at . You can hear great clips of important speeches

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